Drawn A Blank


If I get a chance tonight, I’ll create BlankApp – the fully kitted out “bog standard” starting point for all my new apps.

The main features/aspects of which will be:

  • Include loading screen
    • Put this into android library
  • Include all standard onCreate(), onPause() methods
  • Get basic view working and drawn on screen
  • Include basic renderMenuScreen() functionality
  • Include basic menu node(s)
    • Put the node itself into android library
    • Include the listening code that reacts to this
  • Include thread-based double-click prevention
    • Easily test this by attempting to open dialog etc. that will crash a threaded click
  • Keep all the scaling code
  • Keep all useful button locations
  • Extract image rendering stuff to library
  • Keep all the basic sounds
    • Put them in library? Maybe not
  • Implement basic moving background

That should cover it for now. I intend to keep on coming back and improving BlankApp in the future, as each new requirement makes itself apparent.

After v1.0 of BlankApp is done, I will crack on with MS3D.




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