And Fell On His “Blank”

wogan daniels blankety blank

Right, this BlankApp is bit more of a task than I had anticipated! I did a ton of work last night, and there is still a ton to do – but, on the bright side, it should give me a solid platform to knock up new apps in no time.

Progress so far:

  • Put loading screen into library and got it running
  • Got screen view working, and put basic background in
  • Included menu nodes, get them on screen (but not in the right place)
  • Erm, tons of other stuff but I can’t think since it’s all “behind the scenes” non-flashy stuff

What I need to do next:

  • Implement auto-build of menu system from menuSystem.txt
  • Implement setupOnTouchListener()
    • With ALL event types catered for, even if it’s just blank holding space for now
  • Set centre point to allow menu nodes to arrange correctly
  • Figure out how to get ZMNode to actually work from the library
  • Implement About screen
  • Implement infoPanes
  • Implement moving background
  • Get logo into intro screen
  • Put showImageSequence() into library
  • Include all sound processing code
    • In library?
  • Remove that artificial delay before even the loading screen is shown!

That should do for now. I’ll probably do this Saturday morning (or even a bit tonight if I’m feeling particularly brave), and look to finish v1.0 some time midweek next week.

I’m looking for the best possible start for MF3d (as I am now calling it). Gotta get it right!




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