Taking Shape


The dream is becoming reality.

Been working hard to get the image sequences flowing nicely over the last week or so, and even I’m surprised at how well it’s coming together. The non-symmetrical aspect is being implemented very nicely (ie. if you triangle with your left leg, an omoplata transition must be with the left leg – and vice versa), all from just one take of each move.

I’m gonna do a bit tonight, possibly implementing the choice of which side to attack (in “neutral” positions where you are free to choose either side), and I will also be looking into processing the background pixels of the move sequences (maybe blurring them or doing something else to slightly reduce their significance).

At some point, I need to refresh my mind on all the remaining tasks before v1.0 is complete, to regain my perspective.

All in all, though, good things are happening.




Move It! Move It! Move It!

That’s been the theme of the past week or so.

Had a tough time moving house, what with the removals prick cancelling one hour after he was supposed to be there, etc. etc. We managed to find a replacement guy, but still had to move a ton of stuff ourselves.

Coupled with the fact that I did 2 x 6 hour sessions recording the move sequences for GA (the Sunday just gone and the Sunday a week previous), you can safely say I’m a bit knackered.

According to the unit testing debug log, we’ve done 348/521 moves, so that leaves roughly 1.5 sessions left to do – it’s costing me a fortune, this!

But yeah, it’s looking really good. Can’t wait to have the entire “raw” footage completed, so that I can back it up and then begin editing and finalising things, make the whole thing a lot more snappy and responsive.

It’ll be good to get some sounds in there too.

I’m done.






When I woke up this morning, I had no idea I would be purchasing a motorised robot chassis and an Android-compatible Bluetooth controller (for around £30, which seems like bloody good value) this afternoon!

The possibilities of creation just keep expanding and expanding lately!

I’m just going to have a play around with these at some point soon, and try to figure out something cool that I can apply robotic control to.

Exciting times!



Big Tings!

Made some absolutely huge steps over last week and weekend. It’s the network control stuff I’ve put in which has opened up the doors to a whole new dimension really, and now I’ve got this non-stop ball of excitement in my stomach due to the possibilities that lie ahead.

I am thinking about renting some industrial space soon, so that I can begin building the ol’ monstrosity that will form the centerpiece of the CC app/system. I just need some rich lunatic to temporarily bankroll me, and then I’m in business!

Gonna crack on again tonight, carry on making progress (whilst also making sure I’m prepared for this Sunday’s filming…)



Feeling Alllllllllright

I did some really good work last night, on MakingTracksGPS and on CC. I’m very excited about the prospect of both of these projects (particulary CC, which seems to just keep on giving), and I can feel some proper “business” moves having to happen soon.

That’s without even mentioning MF3d, which is quite an interesting project, and – of course – GA, the main one! This could be a really good year for me and my projects!

Got some plans for the weekend but I’m keeping it hush hush.

I shall update you as appropriate.




I Am Exciiiiiiiite!


Made some serious progress/discoveries over the last 24 hours, across a range of projects, and I’m fucking buzzing 🙂

I’ve sussed out a way to use Google Maps, without having to get the clunky API to work – and, besides, MakingTracksGPS already has its own controls and whatnot, so I don’t need the “help” of an API. I will post an update on here when I’ve made some actual coding progress.

I shall get rid of “MapApp” and just apply this directly to MakingTracks I think…

Elsewhere, I made some progress with the networking stuff, established that I can get devices to talk to my local Apache server, without having to do anything public on the net. Good stuff. I’m really excited about this project.

I have a lot of PHP scripts and database shennanigans to do for this one, but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be biiiiiig!

I also fixed up some of MF3d last night, and I’ve got a few ideas about what needs doing next.

Stay tuned.



Return Of The Map


Gonna fire off on another tangent tonight.


In order to crack on with a project-that-shall-remain-nameless further down the line, I will require the inclusion of proper maps into MakingTracksGPS, and that requires an understanding of the Google Maps API in the first place.

So tonight I’m gonna run through a few demos and see if I can get something working. Nothing complex at all, just getting map data on the screen.

I will also be doing some minor changes to MF3d, adding some more music and fixing some interface issues.

Aside from all that, I also have another new initiative, which I shall refer to as CC, which is already getting me excited. It involves network stuff and I’ve been coming up with clever little ideas.

Anyway, let’s not lose sight of the fact that I’m filming the move sequences for GA in less than 2 weeks!

Bricking it.