I Am Exciiiiiiiite!


Made some serious progress/discoveries over the last 24 hours, across a range of projects, and I’m fucking buzzing 🙂

I’ve sussed out a way to use Google Maps, without having to get the clunky API to work – and, besides, MakingTracksGPS already has its own controls and whatnot, so I don’t need the “help” of an API. I will post an update on here when I’ve made some actual coding progress.

I shall get rid of “MapApp” and just apply this directly to MakingTracks I think…

Elsewhere, I made some progress with the networking stuff, established that I can get devices to talk to my local Apache server, without having to do anything public on the net. Good stuff. I’m really excited about this project.

I have a lot of PHP scripts and database shennanigans to do for this one, but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be biiiiiig!

I also fixed up some of MF3d last night, and I’ve got a few ideas about what needs doing next.

Stay tuned.




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