Move It! Move It! Move It!

That’s been the theme of the past week or so.

Had a tough time moving house, what with the removals prick cancelling one hour after he was supposed to be there, etc. etc. We managed to find a replacement guy, but still had to move a ton of stuff ourselves.

Coupled with the fact that I did 2 x 6 hour sessions recording the move sequences for GA (the Sunday just gone and the Sunday a week previous), you can safely say I’m a bit knackered.

According to the unit testing debug log, we’ve done 348/521 moves, so that leaves roughly 1.5 sessions left to do – it’s costing me a fortune, this!

But yeah, it’s looking really good. Can’t wait to have the entire “raw” footage completed, so that I can back it up and then begin editing and finalising things, make the whole thing a lot more snappy and responsive.

It’ll be good to get some sounds in there too.

I’m done.





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