Pick A Side


Did some decent work last night. The player is now able to choose the side of attack (from “neutral” positions where you are free to opt for either) by pressing the chosen node and swiping to the left or right. It’s really becoming complete now, I’m getting excited.

Gonna iron out a couple of minor display issues tonight, and a number of other enhancements, then tie this off as v0.1.09.

I also dabbled a bit with altering the background of the actual move sequences, with the eventual aim of smoothly reducing the significance of the background, and making the players a bit more prominent. Got some good results already, although I will be very careful about actually applying these changes because they are destructive.

Might have a go at putting “start match” and “end match” sequences in tonight too, and changing the MATCH_RESULTS screen. We’ll see.




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