Slowly Slowly Catchy Wrestling

I’m continuing to make good progress. I’ve very nearly ironed out the whole “orientation” stuff, I just need to:

  • Make sure orientation switches correctly during “switchTurns()”, according to the “flipRequired” variable
  • Make sure we don’t keep rendering lingering orientation choices when it’s P2’s turn
    • Basically need to reset the relevant boolean each time we switch turns
  • Make the choice arrow semi-opaque, unless both choices have been rendered

I’m due to start putting sounds into the sequences now as well. Gonna record some basic examples of various swipes and impacts, to give the move sequences some real “body”.

I’ve also come up with a bit of an ambitious idea today: Commentary

I think I could get someone reputable to record a set number of stock lines that could be used to great effect in the app – and I no longer have to worry about the size of the.apk since I’m committed to using expansion packs to get all the bulky data across.

This could be really good! Tellin’ ya.




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