Keyframes And Whatnot

keyring and keys

I’ve done some decent work since Friday, summarised as follows:

  • Introduced keyframes into sequences
    • So that crowd reactions and commentary can respond at the correct time for each action
  • Sound stuff
    • Added a visual readout of the sample name when on selected frame
    • Added visual indication in OptionChooser to show any nodes with valid sound files associated
    • Bought some really good samples off of t’internet
    • Started sequencing sounds into the moves (swipes and impacts)
    • Removed pause at end of looped samples/music using Audacity and saving as .ogg file
  • General sequences
    • Starting to put victory/defeat sequences in
  • Tried (unsuccessfully) to fix the replays
    • Will really dumb-down the pacing controls, and probably require a unique method for running replays

And my next focus (focii?) will be:

  • Tidy up the “playCheer()” stuff in cases where you’ve skipped a match, or it has ended on points and no cheer has been played during submission sequence
  • Fix the replays
    • Either using a new method with dumbed-down delay logic
    • Or by properly understanding how tournament adverts seem to work fine…
  • Implement the “L/R Switch” node in the edit node menu
    • So that a left or right choice can be tailored to produce the most intuitive orientation
      • eg. a move in which you move to the left, but your right leg is the principal actor – which way should it be? Well, we can tailor it now

That should do ya. Begone, foul creature!




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