Struck Down


Had to cancel yesterday’s filming session, I’ve been very ill this week. Some sort of bug, I dunno, but by Thursday I was so hot I was almost glowing red. Horrible times.

We’ve rescheduled for this Saturday, but even then I’m not sure I’ll be okay. I still feel like shit. Proper restless leg syndrome and everything. Horrid!

Anyway, during my illness I’ve still managed to keep on editing and adding sounds to the existing move sequences, and it’s coming together well. I also made some notes about the next lot of stuff I’m going to do code-wise:

  • Find better way to present points awarded during match
    • Do something more similar to the money transactions
  • Find better way to denote move attempt failure
    • Possibly run a few frames of anim, then run back to zero
  • Find better way to denote rest
  • Get ambient gym noise sample
  • Only allow ACTUAL positions to be recorded as the last proper position
      Because failing a “chain fail” move is setting the initial chain move as the position
  • Replays
    • Replays must record orientation at the time
    • Remove duplicate entry of chain moves into replays
    • Stop moving background while red button menu active
      • No need to redraw any of that background because all drawing is confined to the TV screen
    • Make the replay intro screen a bit better
    • Put sound into replay
    • Show failures as the first few frames and then back to zero!
    • Arrange the list better so there is separation between rounds
  • Reduce waiting time during auto-choosing
  • Time any applause to coincide with keyframe
  • BUG: Fix the issue of aiHashMap causing memory leak for blue belts and above
  • Make AI decisions based only on the PLAYER’s skill and energy, NOT on the inherent difficulty
  • Prevent excessive resting with AI choosing

That just about covers it. I think it will really start taking shape very soon. With these issues ironed out, it really should start to feel like an enjoyable game.

I really must make sure it flows.




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