Progress Update

Here’s a quick list of things that have been applied to the app over the weekend and last week:

  • Implemented “invert L/R” so that choosing L/R can appear more intuitive without destroying the basic structure of the option map orientation
  • Implemented “lastPositionSubWasAttempted”, so that we guarantee that the first move a player will attemptm, upon entering a pre-submission, is a submission
    • It would seem daft to keep entering submissions and then immediately releasing them without attempting to finish
  • Replays seem to be recording orientation better
  • Implemented rest sequences
    • When player rests now, it will show a few frames of them “settling” in that position
  • Fixed the “Fail hip bump sweep” bug (where, if the player chose not to chain attack, the player position remained as “Fail hip bump sweep”)
  • Implemented better representation of scoring points display

That’s about it I think. I boxed it off as v0.1.11 last night but immediately found a bug, so my short task list for tonight is:

  • Fix the (new) bug where it crashes if any player attempts to execute a counter
  • Make sure replays record a deliberate rest
  • Make sure replays record proper fail sequences

And that’ll do. Continuing to take shape. Boss.




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