Moving On Up


We did another filming session at the weekend, got a lot of stuff done.

I decided last week that I needed to show when the player rests, so that immediately added 113 sequences to the workload, and the current state of play with regards to film sequences currently stands at 475 / 623.

Not including any required re-shoots, that leaves 148 left to do – and we’ve been averaging 158 per session. I guess that’s do-able, especially since a decent amount of those sequences are just the rest scenes (plus there is a minimal amount of “general scenes” that will require shooting/re-shooting).

In terms of code, I did a pretty important fix yesterday: When deleting all files that begin with X from a folder, instead of querying the name of every file in that folder, the code now specifically looks for each file in sequence, testing if it exists and deleting if so – stopping when the filename in question no longer exists.

This was necessitated by the fact that the app began to crash quite frequently towards the end of the session, when the number of images in the image folder started to get beyond ridiculous.

So anyway, things are good. Probably get the last session done on the 17th May, so in the meantime it’s up to me to make sure that everything is 100% ready for on the day.

Ta ta!




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