Quick Update

Right, quite a bit of work has been done lately – despite the fact that my little diagram, with all its little coloured in squares, never seems to look any more complete.

I am aiming to do the following this week (and probably next), and make a fucking dent in that piece of paper:

  • Solve (properly) pacing issue of colour-inverted images
  • Sponsors
    • Include two new companies
    • Update existing companies’ text info
    • Apply logic to sponsorship amounts offered
    • Apply intelligence to bottom right comments on sponsors page
    • Implement sponsorsSmallTextVector<Integer, String>
      • Containing “not a real company”, or the company’s URL
  • AI
    • Cut out excess resting
    • Fix the aiHashMap bug for bluebelts and above
  • Redo training screen
  • Implement proper tournament brackets GUI
  • Improve “depth” of pre-match coach’s advice
  • Write out proper credits
    • And implement ‘s’ tag for small text
  • Start game with pre-existing matches already done
  • Possibly update player files
    • M/F
    • Preferred side L/R/N
    • Significant events? Grudges?

That should cover it. There’s probably up to a month’s work there. I’m most likely filming the last sequences on the 17th May too, so I’m definitely staying busy.

Got no choice.




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