No Rest For The Correctly Coded


I sorted that “excessive resting” bug last night. Turns out that, since I was factoring in energy requirements and points scored, any option with no energy requirement or points reward was producing zero percent in the weighted value array (or worse, NaN when dividing). So I just ensured each value was a minimum of 1 and that sorted it.

I also finally completed the sponsors’ logic, meaning that the player is more likely to get offers if he has earned it – and those offers are of a value that is also proportional.

Another box ticked off.

My next focus (focii?) will be – in no particular order – the following:

  • New training screen
  • Tournament brackets
  • Pre-existing matches at start of game
  • Championship intro

I’m particularly keen on getting the pre-existing matches sorted, because that enables the player to instantly get into challenge matches as soon as he’s playing. I want to remove a lot of the “barriers to enjoyment” that have basically crept into it.

A couple of minor things that I will probably do soon too:

  • Put the sponsors feedback text a bit lower
  • Put flags in tourney intro
    • Bonkers idea! Play little snippets of each national anthem??
  • Limit fluctuations of CPU players’ energy to between 90-100%
    • Too many players entering tournaments knackered

Online Stuff

Been thinking about (and planning) the online side of things lately. I’m concerned that the game needs to have this aspect finished for the initial release, otherwise the uptake might be slow.

I put myself in the mindset of the player that just wanted to run the app and get into a match immediately. Online play is key for that.

I’ve already mapped out what needs to be done, the various GUI elements and alterations to the core code, but it will take time. It’s the kind of thing that could be completed comfortably if I had backing and could afford to throw myself into it.

I wonder what a realistic timescale for completion might actually be, if I take into account online play, commentary and the player profile pics etc.




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