Pre-Existing Matches, Training Screens and Tournament Brackets


Tonight’s plan is to get a fat chunk of progress done via the following:

  • Fully implement the pre-existing matches upon start up
    • Have 20 weeks of matches already in the books by the time P1 joins the game
    • Championship Matches are all good to go
    • Player can effectively jump straight into competition with Challenge Matches
  • Fix the “crashes on second P1 match in tourney” bug (and a few related bits)
    • Fade handshake sequence in
    • Slow down rendering after keyframe
    • A certain number of frames past keyframe, stop rendering, immediately render colour coded player names
      • With a bang
    • Fade out after 1-2 seconds
  • Have a quick stab at redoing the training screen
  • Define all the relevant HashMaps for rendering tourney brackets
    • Temporarily plot out the bracket points in green

In subsequent sessions, I am to:

  • Finish off the training screen and tournament brackets
  • Implement next/prev sequence buttons, to cycle through all sequences in order, to make sure we’ve not missed any out
    • Do this before next session, so I know EXACTLY which sequences need to be redone
  • Have a stab at Championship Intro

Then I’ll tie that off as v0.1.13 and it should be good for the next filming sesh.





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