Good Progress Made

Got through a fair amount of work over the weekend. Fully completed the new Training Screen, made a good start on the Tournament Brackets, and fixed that horrible bug which would freeze the second match you play in a tourney.

In fact, that bug was due to an invisible (but still blocking) infoPane which comes into play when you get your first competitive win or submission. I will still need to fix that, but it comes under the “coach’s advice” session now, so I can count that “freezing” bug as fixed.

Did a few other bits too, including making changes to the Credits screen (allowing various font sizes etc.), and generally made some nice improvements.

My next tasks are:

  • Finish off the Tournament Brackets
  • Actually finish off v1.0 of the Credits
  • Do Championship Intro
  • Implement “next sequence” and “previous sequence” function
    • To systematically cycle through every sequence, checking validity, missing none out
  • Minor stuff
    • Make “in gym” improvements proportional to fees paid
    • Write unit test to find all core skills that are not in any of the gym’s special skills lists
    • BUG: After initial start up, we’re getting the wrong “day of week” (Mon when it should be Tue)
    • BUG: “weighted decision” doesn’t seem to factor in “intelligent rest”
    • BUG: When coach appears to inform you that a challenge has already been rejected, it seems to be THEIR coach, not your coach

And that will be boxed off as v0.1.13, after which I will begin work on a standalone app whose sole purpose is to capture and upload player profiles for the main app.

Looking ahead, I think the main concerns I have – as the end of the project approaches – are:

  • Sound issues
  • Using expansion packs
  • Online stuff

That’s probably about it actually! Doesn’t seem so bad 🙂

Right, gotta go!




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