v0.2 Done

Over the weekend I finished off the Championship Intro and v1.0 of the Tournament Brackets, as well implemented the “triple tap” quits thing and a few other bits, and boxed off v0.2.

I will come away from the main app momentarily now, while I create the app for capturing player profile images etc.

This shouldn’t take too long. The main tasks/aspects are:

  • Intuitive GUI/menu system
  • Methodology of capturing and processing the images
    • Rotation of crop rect
    • Timing of first and second image capture
    • Post processing
    • etc.
  • Settings
    • Camera dimensions
      • Need to attempt to default to a standard size, capturing any errors and falling back to next available dimensions
    • Number of images captured in burst?
  • Post-capture
    • Uploading to online server
    • Importing to main app

That about covers it, really. I’m sure the actual implementation won’t be so straightforward, but what ever is?




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