ZMPIC Part Two


I did a fair amount of work on it last night, getting a nice background into the main menu, implementing change of camera size, putting proper rotation buttons on the crop frame, and actually cropping and rotating intelligently, depending on the crop frame configuration.

I aim to get a little bit done tonight too, including:

  • Get image display proportions correct, once cropped and/or rotated
  • Shrink size of infoPane to fit around cropped image
  • Put tick icon in the OK button on infoPane
    • Probably do this in the main app too
  • Put cross node in top right, and add functionality
  • Render semi-opaque controls over the image in infoPane
    • Opacity slider, and 4 or 5 background colour buttons
  • Limit move events, while infoPaneVisible, to only allowing opacity slider to move
    • Apply thread so that, only after being still for 600ms, events relating to opacity slider are fired
  • if (imageProcessed && processedImage != null), render processedImage, else render preProcessedImage
  • Apply background removal
  • Render currentMainImage and/or currentSideImage on MAIN_MENU if != null
  • Image Capture improvements:
    • User presses screen, it beeps. One second later it takes the background image, and starts the countdown
    • Counts down from 10 to 1, then takes x pictures, y milliseconds apart, making audible noise each time
    • Says “complete” when finished
  • Pressing OK/tick on ImageEditor dialog will save as currentMainImage or currentSideImage accordingly
  • Get load/save settings to work properly

I think that’s comprehensive enough. I will soon start having to worry about how to handle the uploading to ZM, and also the importing to the main app, as well as developing the Help functionality.

Shouldn’t be too long before this is on Google Play though.




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