Keeping It In Focus


I’ve almost finished the main coding tasks for ZMPIC, with the most important outstanding issue being how to properly autofocus the camera.

I’ve been getting good results on the Samsung Galaxy S3, but not so good on the HTC One – seems like the focal point is a wee bit further away, I don’t know – so I could do with getting this working well on all devices.

I’ve found some code that might help anyway, so I’ll give that a whirl tonight.

I’m going to try and sneak in an hour and a half tonight, before Game Of Thrones, and I’ll be looking to get the following sorted:

  • Autofocus imlementation
    • Apply continuous autofocus
  • Put semi-opaque guide shapes into the crop rectangle
  • Put rounded rectangle behind player name, and re-highlight this when clicked
  • Put intro sound into assets
    • To remove need for shipping expansion pack for EVERY app, plus protects sample against replacement
  • Implement intelligent overwrite of player info in definedPlayers.txt
  • Remove Bio as an option entirely

If I can get all that sorted, I’ll box this off as v0.0.4 and kick on from there. I will have to be figuring out how to upload to the ZM website/database at some point in the near future.

Ta ta!




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