I Can See Clearly Now


I finally sorted the autofocus issue last night. I can’t remember exactly what the line was, but it was a single line of code, just setting the focus mode in the camera parameters.

I’m kicking myself over the fact that we’ve done over 18 hours of recording, and it never occurred to me once to check whether the camera was in focus or not.

Luckily, the S3’s focal length seems just about right for what we’ve been doing, and I won’t be altering it for the next session either. Besides, the autofocus does make the image a bit jumpy at the moment, which isn’t a problem for static images, but does become apparent during an animated sequence.

We’ll be doing the last (I hope) session in a couple of weeks, so I need to have everything ready for that (in terms of knowing what to film, and pre-testing the app’s performance etc.), but I’m determined to have ZMPIC ready before then too.

My last remaining tasks for ZMPIC, sparing no detail, are:

  • Put “processing” readout over image during background removal
  • Semi-opaque guide images
    • Put correct “small” side image in
    • Figure out how to rotate Drawable programmatically
  • Put rounded rectangle behind player name
    • Highlight it when clicked
  • Put intro sound into assets
  • Go straight back to main screen when “OK” clicked after background removal
  • Implement load/save sequences
  • Prevent “OK” button from doing anything in image editor if no images loaded
  • Do not draw cropRect OR cropRect buttons if no images loaded
  • Check app can run “straight out the box”, with no ZMPIC folder initially present on SD Card
  • Fade initial screen in
  • Fully implement Help function
  • Put icons into main menu nodes
  • Implement upload to ZM
  • Build using ProGuard

And I’m pretty sure that about covers it. Hopefully won’t take too long to get all that done 🙂




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