Progress And Whatnot

ZMPIC Progress


Main App Progress


Just a quick visual indication of the current state of affairs here. As you can see, ZMPIC is very nearly complete (in fact, there’s been more progress since I took that pic yesterday, but anyway…), and it has reached a suitable level for me to suspend development until after the last video shoot (at v0.0.5 currently).

The main app is looking good too. Being completely honest, though, I won’t be hitting the 1st August “deadline”. Being more realistic, taking into account gathering all the player data etc. I think we’re looking at early next year – although the coding itself may well be complete before that.

I’ve just had to do a few notes to refresh my mind on what actually needs doing for the main app, so I’m almost back in “the zone” with regards to that. A few key issues worth mentioning are:

  • Put gender, orientation (left or right handed, not sexual!), city into player data files
  • Fix replay stuff in match history screen
    • Crashes when you click “R” for replay
    • Replace “R” with suitable icon
    • Fade “R”/icon with text accordingly
  • Gather a list of bugs that can all be fixed in one session
  • Start looking into those sound failure bugs/issues

Can’t really think of anything else worth mentioning. Got to focus on the upcoming video shoot anyway.





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