Keepin’ At It


Gonna sneak in an hour tonight and iron out some stuff that’s bothering me:

  • Render a/b OR node body for frame nodes
  • Allow up to 100 frames during recording
  • Make sure image sequences save, even if !newVideo and startIndex/endIndex don’t change
  • Sort out autofocus toggle node in main app
  • Implement load/save
  • Show animated sequence(s) in ZMPIC main screen
  • Add button to start/restart animated sequence
  • Amend “upload to main app” to allow video upload

And for tomorrow morning:

  • Include those extra parameters into player files
    • Not forgetting to include their names in the list of exclusions when loading skills from these files
  • Load these values in during game
  • Actually plug these values into functional code
    • Writing “he” or “she” etc.
    • Choosing which side R/L/N to attack from a neutral position
    • Which city is shown in background of championship intro
  • Reinstate the “pre-played 20 weeks”
  • Do replay icon and sort out bugs associated with replay selection on Match History screen
    • Also do rest of required ZMPIC icons while I’m at it
  • Get sound effect working during belt sequence

When all of this is done, I will tie those off as ZMPIC v0.0.6 and main app v0.2.3, and will make no further programmatic changes until after the video shoot next weekend (aside from any critical shit that just can’t wait).

Just keepin’ on, keepin’ on.




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