Moves Out Of The Way


We finished off all of the move sequence filming on Saturday, so that’s a huge milestone for the app.

I’ve still got plenty of work to do, making sure the entire Option Map is robust and functions correctly, editing the clips to the right size, as well as adding sound, assigning keyframes etc.

Definitely taking shape though.

I might sneak in a quick programming session tonight or tomorrow, where I will be adding code to aid in the completion of the Option Map. Gotta catch any “no image sequence” sequences that may still be lurking.

I’ll probably do a few other minor bits while I’m at it, including making a mini start on the online play menu, amongst other things

I definitely must look into solving these “sounds not playing” issues soon, maybe getting some kind of readout logged when a sound sample fails? I dunno, I’ll sort it anyway.

Chow for now…

mr chow the hangover movie__80631




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