Priority stamp

My current focus is now solely on getting the Option Map completely watertight, so my task list is as follows:

  • Finish off current version of unit tests
    • Expand “redundant” test to encompass:
      • Sound arrangements
      • Keyframes
      • Failframes
      • Special Skill Keyframes
    • Fix unit tests which lists irrelevant failframes
      • Do not list transitions which have associated fail node that does NOT fail back to current position
        • ie. “Fail Flying Triangle”
    • Add unit test to identify all point scoring sequences without a keyframe
  • Implement “flip required” and “toggle orientation” for fail sequences
  • Implement function to cycle through fail sequences
    • If “executeFail”, when we press “nextSequence” or “prevSequence”, we cycle through fails instead
  • Fix the issue of orientation flip, even when sequence fails back to where it started
  • Tidy up data structure of Option Map
    • Put in all failframes where required
    • Do all sskf files
    • Trim all sequences to proper size
    • Add sound to all relevant sequences
    • Add keyframes where required

When all that is done, I’d say that will be a pretty good core to build on. What am I saying? I’ve already built a shit-ton of stuff around it anyway!

So, yeah, looking forward to getting this finished. Over and out.




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