Reporting Back


So, I did a decent sesh last night and got the following things sorted:

  • Finished off current version of unit tests
    • Expanded “redundant” test to encompass:
      • Sound arrangements
      • Keyframes
      • Failframes
      • Special Skill Keyframes
    • Fixed unit tests which listed irrelevant failframes
  • Implemented “flip required” and “toggle orientation” for fail sequences
  • Implemented function to cycle through fail sequences
  • Fixed the issue of orientation flip, even when sequence fails back to where it started
    • I THINK – still need to confirm this
  • Tidied up data structure of Option Map
    • Did all sskf files
  • Implemented auto-capitalisation when entering player names
    • Put this in ZMPIC also!
  • Fixed a bug where “let’s go” crashes when you try to roll again, after the first roll (needed to set “launches dialog” to “true”)
  • Tons of other stuff I can’t remember right now…

I still need to do the following:

  • Add unit test to identify all point scoring sequences without a keyframe
  • Tidy up data structure of Option Map
    • Put in all failframes where required
    • Trim all sequences to proper size
    • Add sound to all relevant sequences
    • Add keyframes where required
  • Put button into GUI underneath/near to “next sequence” button to manually flip the current orientation
    • Will need to update the text on this node to reflect the current status, as it changes due to executing moves etc.

And further down the line I need to continue making headway in the following:

  • Online play
    • Don’t render nodes that are set to invisible
    • Put scrolling list of (arbitary, for now) names into main menu
    • Do online logo (and do ZMPIC logo while I’m at it)
    • Do initial skillset menu
    • Do new background for all online menus
  • Look at fixing any remaining AI bugs
  • Sort out the replays etc. on match history screen
  • Try to catch those sound bugs
  • The list goes on…

And I’m spent.




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