Quick Tidy Up

messy room

I noticed a bug in the “execute failure” logic earlier, which means that the game always crashes during new game creation whilst running the 20 weeks of competition – so I’ll be fixing that tonight. Should be super quick.

I will also, while I’m there, have another crack at solving the AI issues, with the gameplan hashmaps for blue belt and above – and I need to confirm that I have actually fixed the “constantly displaying coach’s advice for 100% move success” problem.

Aside from that, I will do a bit of a code tidy-up sesh, getting rid of all the “testing” code/comments, and generally making the whole thing look a bit more complete and robust.

That’s about it, really. It’s still all about getting this Option Map finished. I’ve done everything except:

  • Trim down all sequences to < 90, if possible
  • Put sounds in (got over 300 to do)
  • Make sure every sequence ends up where it’s supposed to be, and with the correct orientation

And that will be Option Map 2.0 complete.

Oh, just one more thing ma’am…


I’m going to implement two stages of “skip match” with the screen swipe. I will change the variable from a boolean to an int. When skipMatch == 0 we treat that as false, when skipMatch == 1 we don’t go highSpeed but we do go automated and stop rendering Option Chooser (also removing associated delays), and when we skip again – setting skipMatch to 2 – we do the full highSpeed skip.

Sounds simple enough…




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