Replays Revisited


I fixed the bugs I wanted to fix last night (AI stuff, and something else), and tidied up some of the bugs around the replays being launched from the match history screen, but I do have a couple more bits to do on that:

  • Fix bug where program crashes if you press an area level with the y coord of the replay icon in Match History, but above or below where a result is valid (null pointer error)
    • Make sure the click is within the first minimum and maximum
  • The replay itself doesn’t actually work
    • Some kind of thread must actually start, because it flickers and messes up subsequent presses
    • Re-write ‘runMatchReplay()’ to use the existing TV-based replay


  • Need to start getting through all these sequences that need sound effects associated
  • Start trimming the ends off all the transitions – to remove that unnatural stop-start feeling when you watch a match without the option chooser rendered inbetween
  • Think about how to handle the situation where you see the same fail sequence twice if you fail a hip bump sweep, and then fail the follow-up

And an idea that just popped up out of nowhere:

  • Implement a countdown timer when it is P1’s turn, after which the game defaults to choosing to rest
    • This is required for online play anyway, may as well incorporate it into the offline game
    • Maybe just for competitive matches, keep rolling and whatnot “time free”
    • Something similar to the image below, probably give them 5 seconds to act


And there ya go. Aside from that, and a few other bits I can’t really think of, the only other big thing I want to do soon is a complete code clean up. Gotta get this thing looking something similar to the completed version, need to do some spring cleaning!

On a side note, ’tis my last day working here at AD Holdings. I shall miss this place. I start my new job on Tuesday – if I wasn’t so opposed to change of any kind, I would be heartily looking forward to it! Anyway, here’s an image I’d been keeping on my PC in work in the hopes of finding a legit reason to include it in a blog. Ah well…





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