General Update


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so here’s a quick update on what’s been happening.

Development itself has slowed down a little bit, but that will soon be changing. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and started using Git at home. Been trying to convert Maven too, but it’s not working so well for an Android project. I don’t think I’ve got the Eclipse plugins sorted correctly yet. I reckon it’ll be difficult to get it converted to Maven, but I don’t think it’s essential in this case anyway – since I just build the .apk in Eclipse. As long as I have good code control with Git, things should be proceeding at pace.

I eventually installed git-cola too, so that will be a real help with managing code changes (and reverting, where required!).

The next step is to get a bug-tracking system up and running, and I’ve chosen Mantis for that. I’ll be installing that on my Apache server pretty soon, and then using it to get a proper handle on the remaining tasks – before I can release this damn thing.

I will be looking to get a dedicated home server up and running very soon, so that I can host the Git repository and the bug tracking etc. which means there will be less onus on backing up everything to USB pen after every session. I can just push my changes to the Git server and it’s sorted. I will obviously still do back-ups, but not as frequently.

I’ve already started cleaning up the code, removing tons of redundant comments. I can definitely see an improvement in how things are going.

Just need to delve back into the coding fully now!




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