Git Yourself Together

Right, I was having a good think yesterday on how to re-organise my working environment at home. Obviously, I’ve already blogged about using Git etc. but my plans went a bit further.

I’ve ordered a mini PC, which will function as my home server, on which I will host Git etc. and now I’m itching to get all my projects under proper control.

One of the first things I want to do is implement all the required fixes for DiagramBuilder, and get it working in Maven. I would like to release this as a full product soon, and then continue to produce better iterations. Once I get my bug-tracking stuff sorted, applications and updates should be flying out the door.

Also, once I get an improved DiagramBuilder up and running, I can actually use it to help plan everything else anyway.

I will need to get ProGuard working before I release anything else though, definitely.

So, a quick high-level plan for the near future:

  • Get home server running
  • Set up as a Git server
  • Set up as mantis server
    • Enter all known issues for all existing products
  • Convert all existing projects to Git projects
    • Convert to, and build with, Maven (where possible)
  • Finish v1.0 of DiagramBuilder
  • Continue working on main app

That’s general enough I suppose. And I’m off!




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