Plans For DiagramBuilder

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.58.23

I’ve implemented quite a few improvements and bug fixes to DiagramBuilder lately, notably:

  • Removed right-click drag diagram
  • Implemented Ctrl-A select all
  • Implemented cut, copy and paste
  • Implemented Alt-drag to create/destroy links
  • Implemented alpha colour setting/saving
  • Implemented “bring to front”/”push to back” object reordering

My next few tasks will be amongst the following:

  • Implement curved lines
    • Setting and saving – might be complex
  • Implement diagram-type specific icons (ie. servers, DBs etc.)
  • Get multi-layer diagrams working again
  • Implement plugin mechanism
  • Allow basic primitive shapes
    • Creating and saving
  • Allow primitive shapes to be auto-merged into polygons where overlap occurs
  • Keep ZM splash screen on top until finished
  • Implement a “snap to” option, which keeps nodes to the nearest 45˚ in relation to their linked node(s)
  • Improve dragging of nodes (and node size, font size etc.) to take into account difference between initial dragPoint and node centre

That should be enough for now. This application should really start taking shape soon.




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