You Just Got Served

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 13.55.37

Got myself a nice little nano PC to act as my server (thank you, Louise) and I’ve been a busy little bee since Friday night getting it set up.

I’ve now got it doing pretty much exactly what I need, and I can summarise it as follows:

  • Installed Git and Maven
  • Implemented fully functioning remote git repository with (almost) all my projects loaded in
  • Installed PHP, Apache, MySQL etc.
  • Published basic website to www, using no-ip to keep a static URL
  • Got PHP-based Mantis bug tracking system running on an Apache server, behind a protected folder, published to the www
  • Implemented remote SSH access
    • Although this was just an exercise to see if it can be done – I’ve now closed the relevant ports on the router
  • Installed TeamViewer so that I can remotely administer the server

So I’ve got my home development environment set up pretty nicely now. I think the bug tracking thing is crucial – it will help give me visibility and guidance throughout the development process. I may even end up with useful estimates of completion times!

Future tasks which will continue to improve my system are as follows:

  • Get Maven builds working for Android projects
  • Get ProGuard working
  • Produce Java applications as executable installers

That should do for now. I’m off!




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