License To, Erm, Er…


Okay, so I’ve made some great strides in my licensing system recently. It’s nearly ready to go. The remaining tasks are as follows:

  • Send encrypted result for license check
    • The final response is cleartext at the moment
  • Implement update of table for tracking licensing behaviour/misbehaviour
  • Get payment system, with forwarding, in place
  • Get server sending out license key via email
    • Upon registration
    • Upon request for re-send

I also discovered a few new bugs with the actual use of DiagramBuilder, so I will be knocking them off before v1.0 is complete.

Elsewhere, I’m thinking about improvements to CameraCage:

  • Get the “retrieve info from mobile device” function working
  • Implement “always recoverable” device, once connected
  • Get CC database on home server
    • Can then actually use it remotely
  • Look into implementing sessions, so that images can be downloaded securely
  • Look into encryption of images?

Also, some general stuff to keep in mind:

  • Implement standalone ZMAndroidLibrary
    • Create new project on server
    • Get it built in Maven and show it working with GrappleApp
  • Get ProGuard working with Maven build(s)
  • Get windows installer produced automatically in Maven

That should do it for now!




Tales From The (En)Crypt (And Decrypt)

Tales from the Crypt Keeper

I didn’t expect it today, but I finally cracked (for want of a better word) the problem of encrypted communication between Java and PHP.

The problem was that I was not correctly encoding the String data that I was passing to the PHP page, passing either a completely unencoded String of bytes, or a non-url encoded Base64 String that included the invalid characters ‘+’, ‘/’ and or ‘=’.

That’s been sorted now, and the diagram below shows the correct Java code workflow:

Java Encryption for POST

So that is Java code encrypting the data with a public key, provided by the PHP server . This encrypted data is then sent securely to the server, which then decodes with the private key. Successfully protected, secure, data.

Quite pleased with this.

Now I just have to plug this in to my licence verification stuff, and DiagramBuilder may soon be ready to go out the door! (Not forgetting stuff like windows/mac installers, ProGuard builds, etc. etc.)



Promotions And Whatnot


Been a busy boy over the weekend. I have 99.9% sorted the promotion/retirement stuff, removing a lot of little bugs that would always have plagued me if I hadn’t done such a deep-dive of the code.

I feel like I’m getting a handle on things again.

I’m back making lists of tasks that need to be done and, to be honest, it doesn’t look so daunting. Obviously, one of the biggest ones will be getting all the character profiles in, but I’m sure I’ll be struck by inspiration when the time comes.

For the immediate future, I have a couple of tasks to do, off the back of what I uncovered over the weekend:

  • Debug what happens when your skill level is above promotion threshold, but your promotion is hold (due to it either not being a Sunday, or you being in the championship match), for events such as:
    • Double-tap scrolling to your name in the rankings
    • Setting belt colour image in background
    • Challenging certain belt levels to matches
  • BUG: If you resume game on a Sunday, but before a tourney/championship has happened, it skips it!
    • Need to check for existence of records of event on that date before proceeding with “post weekend reset”

I’ve also been listing the “high level” tasks, which I will update on here in due course, so I feel like I’m not completely out of touch with this project anymore.

Good stuff.



Need To Get Back On The Horse

Simple as that. I need to get back to finishing off this grappling app, ASAP.

Here’s a high-level list of all the remaining tasks, and I will soon be making concrete plans to get it all sorted for the v1.0 release:

  • Solve the character images problem
  • Clean up and remove obselete sound samples and images from project folders
  • Get permission for intro, or make a new one
  • Finish off all sound sequences
  • Sort out “tv commentator” video bit
    • And finalise those full sequences, including proper AI for subtitle text
  • Finish off all coaches advice
    • Including warning that initialisation of new game takes a while, and also fix that “100% success” bug
  • Do build in Maven, and use ProGuard
  • Confirm that all AI issues are solved

That’s the main bulk of it. I really need a good final push to get this over line.

God help me.