Tales From The (En)Crypt (And Decrypt)

Tales from the Crypt Keeper

I didn’t expect it today, but I finally cracked (for want of a better word) the problem of encrypted communication between Java and PHP.

The problem was that I was not correctly encoding the String data that I was passing to the PHP page, passing either a completely unencoded String of bytes, or a non-url encoded Base64 String that included the invalid characters ‘+’, ‘/’ and or ‘=’.

That’s been sorted now, and the diagram below shows the correct Java code workflow:

Java Encryption for POST

So that is Java code encrypting the data with a public key, provided by the PHP server . This encrypted data is then sent securely to the server, which then decodes with the private key. Successfully protected, secure, data.

Quite pleased with this.

Now I just have to plug this in to my licence verification stuff, and DiagramBuilder may soon be ready to go out the door! (Not forgetting stuff like windows/mac installers, ProGuard builds, etc. etc.)




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