License To, Erm, Er…


Okay, so I’ve made some great strides in my licensing system recently. It’s nearly ready to go. The remaining tasks are as follows:

  • Send encrypted result for license check
    • The final response is cleartext at the moment
  • Implement update of table for tracking licensing behaviour/misbehaviour
  • Get payment system, with forwarding, in place
  • Get server sending out license key via email
    • Upon registration
    • Upon request for re-send

I also discovered a few new bugs with the actual use of DiagramBuilder, so I will be knocking them off before v1.0 is complete.

Elsewhere, I’m thinking about improvements to CameraCage:

  • Get the “retrieve info from mobile device” function working
  • Implement “always recoverable” device, once connected
  • Get CC database on home server
    • Can then actually use it remotely
  • Look into implementing sessions, so that images can be downloaded securely
  • Look into encryption of images?

Also, some general stuff to keep in mind:

  • Implement standalone ZMAndroidLibrary
    • Create new project on server
    • Get it built in Maven and show it working with GrappleApp
  • Get ProGuard working with Maven build(s)
  • Get windows installer produced automatically in Maven

That should do it for now!




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