Maps And Things


I’ve done a ton of work lately on all my various apps. CameraCage is coming on quite well – I’ve made some advances and I’ve got greater visibility of what’s required.

This past week or so I’ve been focusing on MakingTracksGPS, specifically attempting to include properly functioning maps. This shit is difficult.

I’ve got map data coming in, and I’ve arranged it in a 9-grid square of tiles. The grid (sort of) resets properly when you exceed certain bounds, and then attempts to reload any “missing” tiles, etc. but the whole thing is quite a way off being useable.

My main problems/tasks are:

  • Prevent the grid from snapping back to true centre upon refresh
  • Implement semi-persistent storage of map bitmaps
    • Fully persistent storage violates Google Maps’ license I believe
  • Get correct zoom value and view rect size, so that map tiles link together correctly
  • Ensure that we are rendering 4-max tiles at any one time

That’s a pretty basic overview, but there is a lot of complexity within those bullet points. This map malarkey is definitely a bigger task than I first thought.

Still, I think I can crack the best part of this within a week, maybe, and then my remaining tasks for MTGPS v2.0 are:

  • Produce build with ProGuard
  • Improve GUI dramatically
  • Allow exporting/saving of journeys to SD card

That’s about it, really.

Once this version is out, I will start to look into server connectivity and more “group” based potential activities.




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