Man With A Plan


Right, I fixed that little bug last night and now I’ve got some kind of map data coming in (although it’s not quite right yet), so tonight’s – or this weekend’s – plan is as follows:

  • Render tileDiffPoint coords values and tileIndex values at the centre of each tile, if debugModeOn
  • Confirm “add km” method works
  • When zooming in/out, make sure vcp alters correctly, just like cp already does
    • Solve the “incorrect map tiles” issue, if possible
    • Add sounds into app

I have also had a quick review of the GUI, and come up with a rough idea of how the improvements will go. I will make these ideas more formal in the coming days, but there should be some good changes implemented soon.

Also, at some point, I will need to have a look at preventing updating tiles from flickering. That could quite quickly become annoying. Maybe if I just use a “tileUpdateInProgress” boolean that prevents any screen drawing until complete?

Anyway, fuck off.




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