Good Work!


I’m quite happy with the stuff I’ve done for MTGPS lately. I’ve sorted out the Google API stuff, so I’m okay to get plenty of static map images, I’ve implemented a temporary caching of images to reduce load time (and number of requests to map API), I’ve fixed it so the correct tiles get loaded in the correct place (by putting a lock on during loading), and I’ve implemented the switching of terrain types.

Gonna take a little break for a day or so, but when I get back to it I will be sorting out the following:

  • When switching zoom levels, clear the tileHashMap
    • To avoid having to clear the entire cache with “Reload Map”
  • Remove “Loading…” from the screen immediately after loading is finished
    • Basically, an immediate call to refresh
  • Implement numbers-only keyboard
  • Implement “set start location”
  • Figure out zoomConstant ‘n’
    • viewRectWidth = n x gpsZoomValue x kmPerSquare
  • Fully implement zoom level switching

So I will hopefully have a properly scaled and accurately anchored map system to go underneath my plotted GPS data soon.

And then I can really begin to build something big.




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