Almost There


I’ve continued to make progress with the map stuff, and hopefully I will have all functionality essentially finished by the end of the weekend.

My tasks tonight/tomorrow are:

  • Rename startLocation to homeLocation, and make it unchanging (unless explicitly set/reset)
  • Kill off all onTouch() events while updateMapBitmap()/loading in progress
  • Find useful ‘n’ value and implement it
  • Fix centering/auto-centering
  • Fix bug where wrong images are loaded in when no connection available
  • Implement toggle between true projection and alternate projection (to match map shape)
  • Implement 4-tile max rendering

That should pretty much wrap up the main part of the map stuff. Obviously there will be more subtle issues, like how the¬†actual curvature of the Earth affects values etc. But I’m confident that things are going my way here. Good times.




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