Almost There


I’ve continued to make progress with the map stuff, and hopefully I will have all functionality essentially finished by the end of the weekend.

My tasks tonight/tomorrow are:

  • Rename startLocation to homeLocation, and make it unchanging (unless explicitly set/reset)
  • Kill off all onTouch() events while updateMapBitmap()/loading in progress
  • Find useful ‘n’ value and implement it
  • Fix centering/auto-centering
  • Fix bug where wrong images are loaded in when no connection available
  • Implement toggle between true projection and alternate projection (to match map shape)
  • Implement 4-tile max rendering

That should pretty much wrap up the main part of the map stuff. Obviously there will be more subtle issues, like how the actual curvature of the Earth affects values etc. But I’m confident that things are going my way here. Good times.




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