Floaty Lines


Ello, it’s been a while. I’m still on the maps, but I’ve taken a slight diversion back to TheEquator (my graph/equation plotting application from waaaaaaay back when) because I need to solve some complex data problems in order to get the map tiles working correctly.

Anyway, my latest intended improvement is to implement float/double values when plotting the lines, to avoid all these artifacts etc.

Here’s a cheeky wee code snippet to do just that:

Shape line = new Line2D.Double(x1, y1, x2, y2);

So, once that’s done, I have a number of remaining tasks for finishing off this updated version of TheEquator:

  • Implement proper data fitting
  • Redo all GUI icons
  • Implement settings dialog
  • Improve auto-setting of z_min and z_max
  • Implement licensing
  • Possible items
    • Implement “filled” 3D plot
    • Implement true 3D

I’ve probably forgotten something, but that’s a good enough outline. Once I box this off, I will box off MakingTracksGPS, and then I might be able to return to my pet project…

We shall see.




Still On The Maps

Yep, still not got the map stuff to a level where I’m happy, although it has come on in leaps and bounds since I last wrote.

My latest focus is on improving the “fit” between the data and the maps, and I will be implementing an alternate method of calculating the centre of tiles tonight (hopefully).

Also, I’ll be tweaking the updateMapBitmap() code to definitely always load/display the centre tile first, and not leave 9 “equal” AsyncTasks to fight it out to see who gets to render first.

I’ve also been exploring the possibilities in terms of server interaction, and I have a few potentially big things currently bubbling up. Should be good. I’m off.