Fully Licensed (Sort Of)


Hello all, Happy New Year etc. and all that jazz.

Quick update on what’s been going on: I’ve finally managed to implement (v1.0 of) fully encrypted licensing, so that interception of any data passing between Java and PHP should prove fruitless to any potential attacker. A lot remains to be tidied up etc. but the concept has been proven and largely applied.

I have this, and some minor bugs with DiagramBuilder, left to solve before I look to make my first “proper” Java application release (hopefully before the end of Jan), but even this release won’t be a “paid” application until I can resolve some PayPal issues. Until then, I will be releasing it on a free license – which will be good just to test the licensing system anyway.

Before that can happen, of course, I still need to get some ProGuard builds working with Maven – and I need to produce automated installers for Windows, Linux and Mac – but I’m definitely close to the first big milestone.

Following on shortly after will be the re-release of the much-improved TheEquator, and then I’ll be breathing new life into MakingTracksGPS.

After that, it’s time to return to “the big one”, and get this fucking flagship app out the door!

I hope 2015 can be a pretty big year for me 🙂




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