The Final Push


Right, so, true to form the final coding requirements have expanded somewhat in the last week or so, but this still definitely constitutes the final push for getting DiagramBuilder v1.0 out the door.

The updated list of remaining tasks looks something like this:

  • Implement “snapTo” for group rotation
    • Which I implemented ahead of schedule, by the way…
  • Make sure any relevant sub-diagrams also rotate
  • Make axisPoint larger
  • Implement position locking for nodes
  • Fix issues around pasting nodes that have sub-diagrams
  • Fix flow from circle to square
  • Make all message dialogs PLAIN (get rid of that Java logo, especially on a Mac)
  • Implement progress label in UI
  • Implement help
  • Implement undo
  • Don’t save confirm dialog when “save” current existing file
  • Implement node icons
  • Implement template bar
    • Where you can drag and drop groups of nodes to/from
    • When you drop INTO template bar, it makes quick miniaturised version of grouped nodes as label

That’s about it, codewise.

Obviously, I still need to make some changes to the PHP code and whatnot, but that’s essentially separate from the application.

Looking at that, I would say mid-April is a realistic release date.




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