Templates, Snap Distances and Node Icons

Got some decent stuff to implement this week, continuing on from the really good stuff I did last week (including initial implementation of templates, locked nodes, the undo function, line drawing, etc.), so my immediate task list looks a little something like:

  • Implement the thumbnail images for template panels
  • Make TemplateSet, and make it saveable
  • Make template panels intelligently scrollable with mouse wheel
  • Improve rollover and right click menu for template panels
  • Implement snapTo distance, without snapAngleOn
  • Implement nodeIcons
    • All new icons loaded into set folder
    • When loading icon actually into node, consult hashmap first
      • If not in hashmap, load from folder, etc.
  • Render selected node count on screen
  • Render current group rotation angle on screen

I also need to fix a few bugs with “snapTo” when dragging grouped nodes etc., but essentially this is a bit of a creative week.

That should cover it for a few days. It’s getting good now though! Soon be finished! 🙂




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