Grouped Spatial Resize


I’ve completed a ton of work since I last posted on here, including:

  • Implemented node icons
  • Implemented templates
  • Implemented undo/redo
  • Implemented line selection/alteration
  • Implemented “percentage nodes”
  • Fixed a ton of bugs

And, even though I still need to bite the bullet and switch all location data over to DoublePoints, my next big focus will be on the grouped re-scaling (spatially) of selected nodes.

It’s a simple enough prospect: When you select a group of nodes (ie. 3 or more), we designate a box around those nodes and provide a resize node that can be dragged in order to stretch or compress the spatial relationships between the nodes.

Already got it planned out.

I shall implement this, then the template thumbnail improvements, and then I will get this horrible DoublePoints task out of the way. Wish me luck.




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