Feature Freeze


Right, I have to be strict now and ban the inclusion of any new feature ideas before v1.0 is released, no matter how cool or vital they seem.

The remaining features that will make it into the application are as follows, and no more will be allowed:

  • Finish off grouped spatial resize
  • Implement right-click menu for line point nodes
  • Drawn lines must obey “snapTo” angle
  • Implement new version of top toolbar
  • Implement drawing of primitives (rectangle and circle)
  • Implement improved undo/redo/load/save, which takes into account selected states
    • And make sure undo takes into account changing colours, line types etc.
  • Implement import/export template sets

That’s about it for new features. I will consign scaled view and altered diagram location to the next version, along with a few other cool items.

Of course, I still have a ton of bug fixes, tweaks and alterations to do, but essentially I have closed the door to new stuff. Gonna get what is already there completed and polished up. Got to release this soon!




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