The Incredible Shrinking Task List

Well, I’ve been working as hard as yer nana for the past few weeks, grinding down my remaining v1.0 tasks until only the following remain:

  • Improve note generation following percentage +/- alteration
  • Finish off help implementation
    • Put all links into homepage
    • Include custom header/footer
    • Do all help content
    • Upload to test server
  • Code tidy up
  • Finalise licensing system
    • Upload to new server
    • Link up to PayPal etc.
  • Do ProGuard build
  • Produce OS-specific installers

Which is hardly anything at all, especially when considering that only 2 out of those 6 items are specific code fixes (a general tidy up doesn’t count!), so it’s looking almost ready.

I should get the note generation stuff wrapped up today, so the main focus will then be on getting the Help system up and running.

After that, I will be code complete, and my attention can then turn to more administrative tasks. I shall be releasing this damn application soon!




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