Fun With Installers


I’ve been playing around with IzPack today, trying to get a decent installer produced for DiagramBuilder, and I’ve made decent progress.

Seems okay in terms of cross-platform performance, but it’s a bit basic at the moment. I need to get my own custom icon put in there, for instance.

I basically took my pre-produced runnable jar file, and turned this into an installer with IzPack – at first with the unpack option set to “true”, which was disastrous – and this now places the runnable jar into the location specified by the installer.

Like I said, I need to get a custom icon put in there, but I also need to look into producing proper native installers – since, for example, I tried to run a runnable jar on a Windows 8 machine recently and it borked.

Aside from that, I will be running a full battery of tests on the licensing system very soon, and I’m looking to sign this off as code complete for v1.0 ASAP.

Naturally, I found another bug that needs fixing (dragging from bottom right to top left does not render circle preview), but that is very minor. I will have the code boxed off extremely soon.




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