Tangled In The Web


I’ve been bogged down for weeks now, implementing the full licensing/admin system that I’ll be using for DiagramBuilder when it’s released (hopefully) soon.

I’m now aware of a whole host of hacks, attacks and vulnerabilities that I had little understanding of before I embarked on this, and I’ve been putting in measures to prevent a ton of badness. It’s kinda taken all the fun out of it, to be honest.

I’ve built a decent admin system, allowing me to monitor and control what’s going on – with email notifications when anything particularly noteworthy/worrying has happened – and I’ll be continuing to develop this into something cool.

So, it seems I’m only a few steps away from signing off on the licensing system, after which I will focus on:

  • Producing proper installers
  • Code obfuscation
  • Producing demo vids/help
  • Bringing ZM website up to scratch

Sounds like I’m really close to releasing this – why does it feel so far away?




2 thoughts on “Tangled In The Web

  1. How do you reconcile the distance between having to abstract parts of a system and collapsing into a sobbing, scripting heap? Stay away from Excel and Outlook, and keep building your kingdom tools.

    • I meant to say that you help me muddle through the reluctance of learning “enterprise” things, that even work-in-progress coalesces a fundament of hope: that I will grow to appreciate these pieces, even as I loathe to adopt them.

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