Code Complete


So, yesterday I (tentatively) declared code complete on DiagramBuilder v1.0, and I’m pretty pleased with its current state. I shall be releasing it ASAP.

Overall, this will be the most professional bit of software I have written so far, and I hope this whole experience can form a building block for much greater things. For now though, I’ll just enjoy the moment.

I’ve still got a small list of remaining tasks, or “barriers to release”, and I will be working through these as best I can in the next few weeks:

  • Obfuscation – got to protect my investment, if possible
  • Help – need to do the help section
  • Demo Vids – need to plan and record
  • Installers – mostly complete on this, but a few niggling problems
  • Server – need to do general tidy up, get it ready for the release
  • Website – need LOTS of work on this, not even designed it yet
  • Marketing – need a plan really
  • Support Plan – need to be ready for any/all help requests

That probably covers it. Fingers crossed I’ll have v1.0 out the door very soon!




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