Countdown To Release


I have tentatively set the release date for DiagramBuilder v1.0 to 1st June, which is just under six weeks from now.

This should give me enough time to complete the following tasks:

  • Produce Ubuntu/Linux installer
  • Finish off work on zmserver (including Help documentation)
  • Produce updated

Everything else has been taken care of.

I’m sure there will be more hiccups along the way, but it’s been a very useful exercise learning how to release software like this. Any future applications should roll off the production line a lot more easily.

No more to add, really. Better crack on.




Done It!!

young business executive in suit cheering jumping in the air isplated on white

No way, within an hour or so of reducing the size of the application drastically with the Shade plugin, I finally cracked (pardon the pun) ProGuard builds!

Okay, I’m well aware that a determined hacker won’t be too put out by a little bit of obfuscation, but I couldn’t be releasing my code into the wild without at least taking some preventative measures – and this reduces the barriers to release to just a couple of items.

The release should be imminent!

Remaining tasks:

  • Finalise installer production
  • Make visual website improvements
  • Er, that’s it I think!

So, all good eh! Ta ta for now 🙂



50 Shades Of Maven


Quite pleased with myself today, I just managed to quarter the size of the DiagramBuilder application by packaging it with the Maven Shade plugin – which does a similar job to the “jar-with-dependencies” stuff I was previously doing, only it trims quite a bit of fat off too.

And this is before I’ve even managed to get ProGuard working!

Which is my next goal.

Cue much frustration.