Slight Delay


I had set the “grand opening” of both websites and the release of DiagramBuilder v1.0 to 1st June provisionally – and I do think that date is still technically achievable – but there is no reason to rush in order to meet this deadline.

So, in order to preserve quality and guarantee a smooth release, I’m pushing it back to the 15th June. That should give me plenty of time to tie up all the inevitable loose ends, and have a completely clear mind once I click the proverbial “Go Live” button.

Gonna get back to it. No rest for the wwwwwwicked.



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Websites And Whatnot


Here’s a quick visual indication of how close I am to completing the website(s), launching them, and launching DiagramBuilder. Doesn’t look like much left to do at all, and that’s probably a fair assessment.

I’m still on target for this 1st June release date, so it’s all good 🙂

My next worry is probably what to do once I’m fully up and running and online. I’ll have to draw up a plan of priority tasks with regards to the next scheduled releases etc.

Can’t wait for this to go live!



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Under Construction


I’ve done a ton of work on the “main” website this past week or so. It’s looking really nice, and I’d say I’m about 60-70% done. I won’t post any spoiler images just yet, though 😉

Once I’ve completed the main JavaScript driven site, I will have to implement a parallel non-js version to complement it. Gotta be thorough.

My immediate tasks are:

  • Finish off DiagramBuilder page
    • This will serve as a template for other application pages
  • Handle rollover functionality
    • Image/video enlarging
  • Do pages for:
    • TheEquator
    • Other Apps
    • MakingTracksGPS
    • GrappleApp
    • etc.
  • Do “Other Apps” and TheEquator icons (200 x 200)

And soon I’ll have to finalise all the PHP code and content on the server site, too. Nearly done though. Still on course!