Map Data, My Nemesis


So, since the website launch, I’ve been straight back at it with the maps.

I am implementing the desktop side of the Gee-Oh system, and re-jigging the unfinished map grid system I started with MakingTracksGPS – this time abandoning the Google Maps API static map images and instead gathering raw GIS data from OpenStreetMaps and handling it myself.

At least this way I can guarantee the same GPSPoint to on-screen point projection.

So far, I have got the MakingTracksGPS visuals in (mostly), and I’m now implementing a moving, scaling correctly positioned and correctly switching map grid system (with no actual map data yet, but existing as a framework on which that will be rendered).

It’s been quite painful progress so far, but I will get it right, and it will be superb.

Watch me.




Scaled Images

Just been looking at some simple image scaling in Java.

I’ve done plenty of image scaling in Android lately, but I just thought I’d refresh my memory with Java, so I wrote a very simple class:

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 13.23.31

I put it here as an image because the formatting when you copy and paste into WordPress is terrible. Soz.



One Step Away


I am literally one step away from completing work on the websites, and they will be all ready to launch on the 15th June – providing I file my last dormant accounts with Companies House before then.

My last task is to do one final test purchase (and then set all prices to full value), and then I’m done. The whole thing will be cocked and loaded, just waiting to be let loose next Monday.

There is also a very small, security related, task – that I cannot discuss – which I will do before then, but it doesn’t really count as a step in its own right.

It’s nearly time! I’m nervous, mannnnn…



Finish Line In Sight


Yep, I’m on the home straight. All I need to do before going “live” with both websites is in this rather small list:

  • Confirm that the text now fits in the boxes on Windows/Firefox (fixed by altering line-height in css)
  • Do one last test-purchase, and then put the paypal buttons up to full price
  • Do all non-JavaScript alternate versions of pages

And that is literally it.

Okay, the non-js bit might actually take a bit of time, ’cause there are a few pages to do, but there are no complex issues blocking me anymore. Just gonna get it done, and get DiagramBuilder released.

15th June looking good.



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